Welcome to Y Bark Alone

Let’s face it, a lot of us hate leaving our furry companions alone during the day. And, since we can’t always take them with us when we leave, they stay home for hours on end. They are Bored Frustrated Anxious.

A brief midday walk is nice, but it’s no substitute for hours of real exercise and playtime.

So wat do you do?

Y Bark Alone! doggie daycare is a carefully supervised group play for socialized dogs in a fully air-conditioned, clean, and safe facility. Imagine a place where all the dogs are screened and completely vaccinated, you’re dog knows everyone, and where they play or lounge all day long, up to 16 hours a day! Well, that’s Y Bark Alone Doggy Daycare! Best of all, after a busy day at work, your dog will be just as tired as you are (and you won’t feel guilty about long hours spent in a crate or alone at home.) We welcome everybody to come and take a tour and see where you’re dog will enjoy their day of play and where they will be taking their siesta.


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Why Doggie Daycare?

When dogs play together it provides a different type of physical and mental stimulation that we humans can’t give. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog … and all of our dogs will leave tired but happy. We can’t take your place, but we can provide the surrogate love and attention that your dog needs while TEMPyou’re away!

We do not discriminate! We like big dogs, little dogs, and any size in-between not to mention any breed as long as they pass the meet and greet. But we realize that big dogs may sometimes play too rough wif little dogs, which is why we have a separate play area  – Smallville for the little guys and the Ruff-house for the bigger doggies. It’s just another reason you can feel at ease while your doggie is in our care.


Y Bark Alone screens every dog to assure they will fit in with the rest of the pack, personally evaluating every dog with a temperament test, health, and medical requirements. A key component to the overall safety of our facility is that they are right-sized. Our staff is able to give each and every dog specialized attention and supervision due to the strict ratio of staff to the dog.

All painting inside of Y Bark Alone was hand drawn by Art From Tha Heart