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IT’S PLAYTIME! No dog wants to stay home all day when they can play with their furry friends at Y Bark Alone instead, Doggie Day Care in St. Louis MO! Come let your dogs get pampered and enjoy their day with us!

A brief afternoon walk is nice, but it’s no substitute for hours of real exercise and playtime.

Dog Day Care St. Louis MO |Dog Boarding St. Louis MO

Why Doggie Daycare?


At Y Bark Alone our four legged friends are never bored, frustrated, or anxious. All the dogs keep busy whether they are playing with friends and staff, lounging around on cots, or just kicking back to watch the other dogs. We have an outdoor area that is completely fenced in. The doggie daycare allows the dogs to play in both indoor and outdoor areas throughout the day. The dogs like to sunbathe, nap, and play in our water misters to cool off so they can keep on playing! Not to mention, the dogs need their area to potty train and keep up their good bathroom behaviors.  At the end of a regular play day, you and your dogs are ready to relax and get some rest to recharge for the next day! We have three separate outside play areas for your dogs to run around and have fun. We have one area for the small guys or the dogs who like to relax a little more. We also have one for the medium dogs who need a little more room. Then we also have an area for the large dogs who need more room to run around and go crazy having fun.

Doggie Day Care St. Louis MO | Dog Boarding Louis MO


The doggie daycare is actually providing much more than just fun and play for our pups! What most don’t realize, the dogs are developing socialization skills more and more each time they come to visit. The doggie daycare and our staff also help curb destructive behaviors, help to decrease separation anxiety, and as we all know, all that exercise makes for a happy healthier dog!


We love puppies but all dogs must be at least 12 weeks old.  And all dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered.






 Training Classes

 Dog Walking

 Dog B-Day Parties

 Shuttle Ruff

 In-home Care

St. Louis Doggy Day Care |  Dog Grooming in St. Louis MO


To keep everyone safe here at Y Bark Alone we take many safety precautions. EVERY dog in the facility has the proper vaccinations required to enter. Daycare and boarding both require rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccinations. There is occurrence of kennel cough an dog influenza going around and we want to keep yours and the other dogs safe. If the dog is too young for certain vaccines he/she is accepted but must be current with the vaccines required for their age. Grooming on the other hand, only requires the rabies vaccine. These vaccines are necessary to keep your dogs and all of their friends healthy.

Our outdoor fence reaches 6 feet in height to keep all of the dogs in with no distractions from the other side of the fence. The staff is very aware of each dog in the room and prevents any funny business from taking place. We learn and appreciate each dog’s unique personality to help maintain a peaceful doggie daycare room.

…What does Y Bark Alone do for you?

How about no more guilty feelings leaving your dog? You won’t have to rush home from work. After a day at Y Bark Alone, the evening’s plans are yours to relax with a tired, happy pooch!

The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner! Gift Certificates Available

For those friends or family who have furry family members, we have the perfect gift with our gift certificates! Can be purchased for any amount.


Customer Testimonials
Leslie S.
Took my cat in for a grooming (brushing and nails clipped), and they did a great job in only 10 minutes. When I signed in at the front desk, they told me my pet gets free baths on his birthday, too.The groomer and front desk person were both incredibly friendly and helpful!
Chelsea B.
Love this place! I brought my dogs here for boarding a few mounts ago and the employees were very friendly and welcoming. Today I brought one one my dogs in for grooming and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The groomer actually listened to what I wanted! affordable too!
John T.
Wish I would have found this place sooner. My Polish Tatra Sheepdog has never been whiter! Great job!
Leslie G.
My two dachshunds absolutely love it here! The facility is spotlessly clean, and my two always come home exhausted and happy- and smelling good! There's enough space for all the dogs, separate area for the little ones and the staff are genuinely caring and concerned with every dog's heath and wellbeing.
John R.
All of the staff was very friendly. Not only were they wiling get us in right away, they also offered advice about local pet care options and places where I could save money. They weren't trying to sell me anything which was so nice. And it was obvious that my dog and I's happiness was priority.
Jeff A.
They have super convenient hours so if you need to drop off your dog early on your way to work or pick up your pup after a long day they they will be ready for you. We have been coming here since they opened and won't go anywhere else. I recommend giving them a try. You and your pup will be glad you did!
Katie V.
I had an ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT experience when taking my dog in to get groomed. I would highly recommend Y Bark Alone for any dog needs! They were incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating to me and my pet, by even trying to come out to the parking lot to get my dog so I didn't have to get my kids out of the car. Now that is thoughtful!!
S W.
I was looking for a place close to home Came across Y Bark Alone by chance and what a wonderful experience it has been My dog jumps out of the car every morning excited to see his friends and to play !!! I staff here are AMAZING They greet us every day smiling and happy The place does not smell like dog and is ALWAYS clean I feel safe and happy he is here I would not go any where else LOVE IT

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Event Calendar

Hours of Operation
Weekdays 5:30am - 8:30pm
Saturday 6:30am - 8:00pm
Sunday 7:00am - 6:30pm

Holiday Schedule
Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day we will be open 6-9am and 5-8pm
Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Thanksgiving Eve., and Christmas Eve we will be open regular hours.

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Dont forget to reserve your boarding spot today for Labor Day weekend! Check for additional information and for holiday pick up time hours! Also dont forget to download our new app for apple and android!
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At Y Bark Alone you can get a full groom, Nails or just a bath 7 days a week at Y Bark Alone!!! Check for pricing and services!!! Download our new app for Iphone and Droid Devices for a convenient reservation maker!!!!! Also save $5 for downloading our App on your next service
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Small dogs enjoying there time outside in there own secure area!! Look for more of our improvements and additions!!!!
Dont forget to reserve your boarding spot today for Labor Day weekend! Check for additional information and for holiday pick up time hours! Also dont forget to download our new app for apple and android! Save $5 on your next purchase for downloading the App!!!!
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Dont forget to reserve your boarding spot today for Labor Day weekend! Check for additional information and for holiday pick up time hours! Also dont forget to download our new app for apple and android! ... See MoreSee Less